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Adventure of The Little Boo

Adventure of The Little Boo- is a new fascinating online story that emerges you right in the middle of a perilous adventure full of magic creatures and undiscovered paths… The protagonist of this free online game the Little Boo is on his way rushing to set his beloved free and punish the villain. Would you dare to join the Little Boo in his fabulous journey and help him in this reckless mission?

The game belongs to the category of online puzzle games where your skills of precision and accuracy of movements will be absolutely indispensable. On top of that you do need a good quality mouse. The player commences a level moving from a big white dot and following a white line that guides him to the final point. The movement starts with clicking the white dot and tracing a line using the mouse. The main objective is to get to the final point. It’s possible to stop during the movement or interrupt if for a couple of seconds but make sure the mouse pointer doesn’t transcend the white line (which is pretty thick but gets thinner as difficulty increases!) otherwise the level can be considered as failed.ed.

A tricky thing consists in the perplexing movement of the white line that may curve, bend, reverse or get separated into small pieces that the player has to use as a bridge between the points. Just as it has been mentioned before, all the actions of this free online game require maximum precision and concentration of the player. The lines have to be drawn smoothly and carefully without any harsh movements so that you won’t lose control over the mouse pointer.

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Business Day With Terry Bradshaw Family Recreation

Business Day With Terry Bradshaw and its team of producers are proud to announce the launch of a new series, Family Recreation, as part of its television program. Business Day with Terry Bradshaw ( is a special TV program that transcends most business news shows with intimate profiles of top businesses and their owners and founders.

The family that plays together, stays together, or so the old truism goes. The fact is that in today’s busy, technologically oriented society, there are more distractions than ever before that can keep family members from talking and truly relating to one another from day to day. How many people bring work home or bury their noses in online pursuits during every quiet moment? While it’s important to talk and share the events of the day, it’s even more critical to spend some fun time together. Business Day With Terry Bradshaw values the importance of this important topic.

Play time. Adult play time is just as integral to healthy living as is a child’s version. There are plenty of choices to keep a family busy, from casual activities to serious sporting pursuits to cultural displays and performances. Memories of hours spent laughing together will outlive those of most other events in life. Make them count. Go for the gusto.

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Exploring Aquitaine On A Barge Holiday In France

Book a barge holiday in France and experience the stunning French countryside at a leisurely pace and in absolute comfort. There are so many beautiful canals winding their way through the gorgeous French countryside and exposing the rural heart of our continental neighbour. The vessels travelling on the waterways are essentially floating hotels, complete with all the expected services and added extras. The cabins are spacious with ample storage, en suite facilities and luxurious bed linen and towels. There is a professional, friendly and efficient staff on board at all times and everything you need is at your disposal. Wonderful food is served in the onboard dining room and is complemented with regional wines of exceptional standard. There is a well stocked bar and ample opportunity to sample all manner of local specialities.

Travel the Canal de Garonne On a Barge Holiday In France

The Canal de Garonne and The Canal du Midi converge to form the canal of two seas, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Stretching 193 kilometres from Toulouse in the Languedoc region to Castets in Aquitaine, it takes you through one of the most splendid regions of the country. For hundreds of years the stunning scenery in the area has been the inspiration for local artwork and has attracted swathes of visitors. Cruising along the canal you pass beautiful rural towns and charming villages inhabited by the people who work the fertile lands and contribute to the production of some world famous wines.

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Go On A European Gastro Holiday This Year

Going on holiday can open up a wealth of opportunities for even the most fussy of travellers, as youll get to explore, appreciate and learn about another country and its culture. But an increasing number of people have started to travel abroad purely to sample the food of another country, for the benefit of their palates and the detriment of their waistlines. So if this sounds like something youd like to do, then here are a few countries that have some of the best cuisine in the world.


Home of paella, chorizo and gazpacho, Spain offers visitors the chance to sample its delightfully light menu which is heavily influenced by seafood. Other notable dishes include tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) shellfish and pescaito frito (battered fried fish).

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Country Vacation Sri Lanka Offers Lot Many Facilities On These Beaches For Its Members

If there is any island, which possesses diversity as rich as a continent, it has to be Sri Lanka. Country Vacation Sri Lanka is a perfect platform, through which, Country Vacations offers the exclusive taste and travel experience of Sri Lanka. Country Vacations membership in an added fillip, with which Country Vacation members find it easy to locate all secluded sensuous locations, even in Sri Lanka. Island was badly hit by Tsunami, few years back. But since then, Sri Lanka has been cynosure of all eyes. This island is now rated amongst top few destinations around the world, where tourists go gaga.

Picturesque locations, sensuous beaches and air of festivity are characteristic features, peculiar to Sri Lanka. Country Vacations Sri Lanka, with its local expertise, marked by ingenuity in their services through Country Vacation membership, is the best choice one can rely on for planning vacations in Sri Lanka. Country Vacation presents a list of all must see locations to Country Vacation members in Sri Lanka.

Arugam Bay on the east coast, and Hikkaduwa and Mirissa on the south coast offer perfect feast for surfers. Surfers kit can always be managed with privilege of Country Vacations membership. For families and children, who look for calm waves, and prefer gentle swimming over adventurous water sports, the best places are Unawatuna, near Galle, and Nilaveli. Country Vacation Sri Lanka offers lot many facilities on these beaches for its members. Not to forget Marine Life to be seen around Pigeon Island. This includes large variety of fishes and few rare species of turtles as well. Country Vacation Sri Lanka just like Sri Lanka itself surprises with small miracles.
Kandy, hardly 116 kms away from Colombo, has misty hills with rich heritage and is called as Royal City.

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